Europe’s Age of Light! How photonics will power growth and innovation

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Photonics21 Vision Paper published.

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The Photonics21 Vision Paper "Europe's Age of Light! How photonics will power growth and innovation" presents the vision of the European photonics community for 2030. The report was prepared as outcome of eight thematic strategy workshops with the European photonics community and outlines the great challenges facing Europe and the world. Eight missions present a vision of how photonics technologies which are already in the innovation pipeline today can solve these challenges by 2030 and beyond to turn this vision into reality.

European leadership in photonics will deliver these benefits in 2030:

  • Instant diagnosis of major diseases
  • Quality food from farm to fork
  • Accident and congestion-free road transport
  • A truly circular economy
  • A million new jobs
  • 10% higher productivity
  • Zero downtime in a terabit economy
  • Photonics as a flagship science for innovation

The Photonics21 vision document serves as input to the preparation of the ninth EU framework programme and was presented to MEPs and representatives of the European Commission on 28th November 2017 alongside a Photonics21 breakfast session in the European Parliament.

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